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Friday, January 6, 2012

REVIEW - Foreshadow by Brea Essex

Imagine discovering that your boyfriend was out to kill you—and that the annoying boy from school was your guardian angel. 

Rae Davenport has already lost her mother. The only thing keeping her sane is her new boyfriend, Andrei—that is, until she finds out that he wants to kill her. Andrei is a devil, and he wants to use Rae as a sacrifice to get back into Heaven. The only one who can save her is Logan, her guardian angel. He’s only annoyed her in the past, but now he will be her savior.
                      ~blurb from Goodreads

This was an amazing way to start off my reading list of 2012. I LOVED this book! 

There are so many aspects of this book that appealed to me. The way Logan goes from the annoying guy in all of Rae's classes to the one person who can save her from a fate worse than death (because I think what could happen to her would be a lot worse than dying). Even the bad guy had what he thought was a good motive for doing what he was doing, though I was a little surprised by his anger issues so early in the "relationship". 

The characters were well defined and spoke to me as real people. I understood Rae's pain at losing her mother, Tanis's snottiness, and Genevra and Shane's love for her. Every character served their purpose beautifully. 

I've only read a few angel books and there a lot more out there that I can't wait to read. I found FORESHADOW to be a refreshing take on an older than time theme, despite how much it follows traditional thinking on the matter. I can't wait to see what happens in the rest of the trilogy. This was a great novel by a great debut author! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to read!

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