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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Character Chat - Gavin and E.T.

Hi, everybody! Sorry Character Chat is coming so late this week. I've actually had this idea since Monday and meant to write it then, but life (and my own nervousness) got in the way. But without further ado, I give you my chat with Gavin about E.T.

I walk into The Reading Corner and pause as the door swings shut behind me, taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling the smells of coffee and new books. A sense of calm comes over me as I grin, hitch my purse higher on my shoulder and head to the café off to the side. I step onto the raised area that houses the café when dark, slightly slanted eyes meet mine. My date has beaten me here. Nervous butterflies suddenly take flight in my stomach; I feel like Ronnie on her first day of school, gawking at the hottie all in black with black hair that just covers his ears and slightly slanted dark brown eyes that make me quiver inside. I created a god when I created that one. Taking another deep breath, I cross to the small round table and sit down.
“What do you have to be nervous about?” Gavin asks with a raised eyebrow. I practically swoon on the spot.
“Is it that obvious?” I reply tucking a strand of dark hair behind my ear. A nervous giggle escapes my throat and I look away, my cheeks aflame. I look at the counter, see it’s empty and jump to my feet. “I need a drink,” I say and practically sprint to the counter to order something – anything to give myself a few minutes to gather my wits. The barista smiles as she takes my order and I peek back at Gavin as she turns to make it. His gaze is on the bookstore’s interior, his dark eyes roaming like he’s waiting for someone. Was he meeting Ronnie later? I don’t know. I take another deep breath and tell myself I’m being ridiculous. I created this guy! There’s nothing to be nervous about. But he’s the epitome of tall(ish), dark and handsome. He’s about 5’10” with black hair and dark brown eyes. His smile is heart-melting. He’s strong, fast and a little snarky. He’s also an alien, from the planet Cira, the center of the Spiral galaxy my books take place in.
As if on cue, “E.T.” by Katy Perry begins playing overhead as the barista hands me my drink.  I can’t help but sing along as I return to Gavin’s table.
You’re so hypnotizing. Could you be the devil; could you be an angel?
Gavin raises both eyebrows, a frown marring his features, and I immediately stop singing.
“Am I that bad?” I joke. The frown stays in place.
“I hate this song,” he declares, his eyes towards the hidden speakers above us. It’s my turn to frown. I love this song; so much so that I’ve chosen it as the theme song for my series.
“Why? It’s perfect,” I argue and sip my drink. Hot chocolate and caramel slide down my throat.
“It’s about aliens,” he points out. I nod.
“Which is what makes it perfect.” I try not to roll my eyes. “I mean, it’s not like Cira is a place on Earth. You are an alien, you know.”
“Technically, yes, but I’m also human.” He shakes his head, obviously frustrated. The movement of his head shows the pointed tips of his ears.
“Half human,” I correct him. 
"'Stab me with your laser'; 'inject me with  your poison'; a little adult for the theme of our book, don't you think?"
I cringe, my cheeks once again red. I clear my throat and take another sip of my drink before I answer his accusation. "Well, yes, there is that, but it's not like the more adult themes of the song are what make me think of you and Ronnie when I write. You're an alien; your touch is foreign to her; you have this charismatic power over her. The song is much more applicable to the second book, but there are elements of it in Into the Spiral."
He considers this then nods. "I guess I see your point," he concedes.
"'I'm ready for abduction'?" he quotes just after Katy sings it.
"Shawn would say you abducted her."
"No, Shawn thinks I stole her."
"Which you did."
"It was never my intention to make her fall for me."
I raise my eyebrows, challenging him.
"At least not on Earth," he mutters sheepishly, his cheeks slightly pink.
“Seriously, though, the song does make me think of you every time I hear it.” I give my best, cheesiest smile, hoping to make him laugh with my dorkiness. His embarrassed frown turns into a smirk and I know I’m winning him over.
“I mean, you are my alien,” I add. He chuckles, relaxing in his chair. His smile widens as he spots something over my shoulder.
“Technically, I’m Ronnie’s alien,” he corrects me just as Ronnie appears next to him. She grabs a chair from another table and pulls it over to ours, sitting as close as possible to Gavin without sitting on his lap.
“What about you being my alien?” she asks after a quick peck hello. She grins at me and then eyes my drink, which I pass over to her.
“That song about aliens by Katy Perry,” Gavin tells her.
“Oh, I love that song; it reminds me of you,” she exclaims. I laugh and give Gavin a see-I-told-you look.
“Well, the how can I hate it if the two most important women in my life love it,” Gavin concedes. Ronnie frowns at me, jealousy sparking in her brown eyes, and pushes my drink back to me.
“He only said that because I’m his creator,” I tell her. I cringe inside; I hadn't realized she was so easily jealous. I wonder if that’s going to be a problem as Ronnie suddenly asks Gavin if I told him about the story I promised to write.
“She said it’s going to be romantic,” Ronnie declared, softening at the thought of another romantic moment with him. As if they haven’t had enough already. My mind wanders to everything they’ve already been through only to be cut off by Gavin clearing his throat. I look up and meet his eyes again. I really have to stop doing that.
“No, we didn’t get a chance to talk about it yet,” he tells Ronnie.
“I don’t even know what to do for you two,” I admit. A slow smile turns up his lips. He glances at Ronnie and reaches for her hand. She beams at him as their fingers entwine. We both know what that smile means.
“I might have an idea,” he says. Ronnie squeals and throws her arms around his neck, kissing him soundly on the lips. I take that as my cue to get out of there and stand with my drink in hand.
“Whenever you’re ready, we’ll get together for that story,” I tell Gavin and walk away from their table.

For the few of you who might not know the song Gavin and I briefly discussed, I found a video on YouTube. It's just pictures of Katy Perry while the song is played (but it's MUCH better than the Kanye West version)

Thank you for joining me for another fun Character Chat. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Happy Writing!

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