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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Good morning and welcome to another edition of this awesome meme where I feature a book's title, cover, blurb, buy links and of course, the first six sentences. Today I'm sharing my love of King Arthur, Merlin and dragons. :)

Set in 7th century Wales, the Last Pendragon is the story of Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon (Cade)--heir to the throne of Arthur--and of Rhiannon, the bastard daughter of the man who usurped Cade's father's throne. Born to rule, yet without a kingdom, Cade must learn to be both Christian king and pagan hero, and Rhiannon must decide how much she is willing to risk to follow her heart. 

Water streamed in rivulets down the stone walls as I stood at the kitchen door of the castle, seeking shelter from the weather. I pushed the door open further, the rain dripping from my hood, and confronted the weeping woman. 
“Give the boy to me.” 
With tears pouring down her face, a match to the drops of rain on mine, Alcfrith, sister to the great King Penda of Mercia and wife of Cadwallon, the King of Gwynedd, handed me the sleeping child. I took him and studied the face of his mother. She’d lost her husband and the boy his father in battle ten days before, killed far from home in Saxon lands. Although the woman did not yet know, Cadwallon had been struck down by the very man who now sought to marry her.

~ Sarah Woodbury (2011). The Last Pendragon. The Morgan-Stanwood Publishing Group.  Kindle Edition  Nook Edition  Smashwords

 The sorceress Lusiradrol, exiled to human form thousands of years earlier from her life as the terrible black dragon, has awakened her Red Clan. The true dragons are ready to renew their ancient wars to save the world, but they cannot do it alone. Unfortunately, the magi and the two races of men are far from ready to face the darkness unleashed by Lusiradrol. 

The white dragon was made to banish her, one who could unite all beings of Light, but his return is not as any foresaw. Through a woman who guards his power and his spirit, he will be reborn. But will he be too late to save the world?

Setheadroc. Formerly known as senthir rĂ® Afdroc, or "hill of the Dragon", the resting place of the white dragon. Through time it passed into legend, its meaning forgotten by men of the Second Race, along with those who named it and were driven out and those who lived in a time of war against a darkness fouler than any man could imagine. Thousands of years and hundreds of wars later, a palace was built on the hill. Noble and grand and home of the royal family of Cavatar, the greatest nation of the continent of Ayrule, this glorious structure stood out among others. Constructed with the exquisite beauty of Rivon architecture and the blood and sweat of Cavatar citizens, it testified to the strength of the alliance between Cavatar and Rivonia. But not all had forgotten the legends.

~ Melanie Nilles (2010). Legend of the White Dragon: Legends. Prairie Star Publishing.  Kindle Edition  Nook Edition  Smashwords (This is a FREE title!)

The next two novels are both part of Amazon's Prime Lending services for Prime Members and are not available at this time for e-readers anywhere other than Amazon. They are still available as paperback novels. I apologize for the inconvenience!

What happens when you combine ancient Celtic magic and artificial intelligence? Hidden for centuries and concealed by codes hidden in Celtic knots, Alan Clark, a computer programmer, and his friends are about to rediscover Merlin's magic, but they aren't the only ones who've been searching for it, and their opponents will stop at absolutely nothing to gain the power it possesses... 

The pristine silence of the hallway was shattered by the sound of a young man’s struggles as he violently slammed shut a door. Breathless, he sagged against the wood and slid to the cold marble floor. Abruptly, the door exploded above him amidst a flash of light resembling nothing so much as a clenched fist. The force threw the man’s body forward, where he slid to a stop face down; gulping breaths amidst defeat, he fought to stand. From within the room, another figure emerged, and with a gesture, his fist lit up and released a beam of light at the struggling form. The brilliance was deflected by a corona from the hand of the victim.

~ Rave C.S. McCracken (2011). Merlin's Knot. Swooping Grizzly Publications.  Kindle Edition 

From slaying dragons, to rescuing the King's Whore, to secret missions for good King Henri, no job is too big or too small for the Great Knight, Sir Julian Lackland. But what happens when the only one still willing to take on the bad jobs is too old to be doing them? How does a hero retire from the business of saving people? 
Here begins the tale of the life and adventures of the peoples Champion. Invincible on both the field of battle and the bedroom, Lackland is a man of intense passion, the highest honor, and deepest loyalties. A mercenary, a bold warrior and a brilliant tactician, he is at times reckless beyond comprehension, and often suicidal; throwing himself into both battle and love with his entire being. 
His heart is forever given to one woman, but she will never give up the sword, not even for him and her choices leave Lackland with no choices whatsoever. Despite the lack of resolution in his personal life, he somehow endures; his innate sense of the ridiculous, wry wit and humor concealing the fragile man that is Julian Lackland. From his days as a mercenary to his years as the arms-master of Waldeyn, obsession and honor rule his life; these two things both make him and break him. 
But for all that Julian is the invincible Great Knight, he eventually becomes the Lost Knight. An incident occurs that changes everything and begins his descent into madness. Two great loves form the framework of his life anchoring his sanity and making a love triangle unlike any other. Yet, even in the depths of madness Lackland remains the very soul of knightly courtesy and true nobility; seeking that which was lost, and as always, making the world a safer place. 

The True Tale of Billy’s Revenge, and How the Great Knight Became a Rowdy as told by Huw the Bard: In a cabin in the woods near the River Limpwater, Billy MacNess, newly-made captain of the Rowdies lay recovering from an inconveniencing wound received at the hands of his rival, Bastard John, captain of the Wolves out of Goober Flats. And just that morning, unaware that Billy was still mewed up in his bunk, Bastard John had decided to burn the place down, since he had only managed to take off one of Billy's fingers by fighting fair. Despite his mutilated hand, Billy managed to stab The Bastard in the back before the fire got going. At that point, Billy was faced with the dilemma of what to do with the body.

~ Connie J. Jasperson; Darroll J. Hall (2011). The Last Good Knight. Fantasy Island Book Publishing.com.  Kindle Edition

And there you have it! I hope you've found a great new read here! As always, if you have a suggestion for a book I could recommend, please leave it in the comments below.

Happy Reading!

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