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Monday, March 5, 2012

Character Chat with Gabriel Stewart

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another fun-filled Character Chat. This meme was started by my lovely friend, Beth Ann Masarik. To learn more, visit her blog.

Today, I have with me a vampire who's dear to my heart. Mr. Gabriel Stewart. He's the main antagonist in my Mason Ridge Trilogy (due to re-release sometime later this year). And today, he has something to say about those dang sparkly vampires.

"Vampires don't sparkle."
I paused the movie and looked up to find Gabriel Stewart perched on the opposite arm of the couch where I sat. He wore classic black clothing: pants and a button up shirt. His black hair shone in the overhead light. I couldn't suppress a smile when I saw the scowl he directed towards the frozen picture on the TV of Edward Cullen sparkling in the sunlight for Bella. Gabriel's dark blue eyes cut to me and I nodded for him to have a seat.
"I know," I told him as he settled himself in the corner of the couch. The steel blue color complemented his eyes. "That's why you don't sparkle."
"Thank god." His scowl was back. "I can't believe that woman makes so much money on such a sissy character."
"Despite his sparkliness, I wouldn't call Edward Cullen a sissy character. I mean, he tore out Bella's stomach with his teeth to get to the baby."
"The abomination that was killing her." He shifted towards me. "Are you really defending them?" He leaned towards me, his eyes piercing mine. "Wouldn't you rather have a vampire who's ruthless, who will stop at nothing no matter who it hurts to get what he wants?"
"That's what I have you for. And don't tell me you'd stop at nothing. Alyssa got what was coming to her. And in the end... well, in the end, I knew you'd do the right thing. You're not as cold and bad ass as you want everyone to believe."
I patted his cheek and stood to go into the kitchen for something to drink.
"Wine?" he offered from behind me. I turned around and didn't know whether to scold him or laugh when I saw a bottle of his personally flavored wine in his hands. Instead of doing either, I rolled my eyes and continued to the kitchen. He gracefully got to his feet and followed me.
"Is there a reason that you're here other than to bash Edward Cullen?"
"Do I need more of a reason than that?"
I playfully batted my eyelashes at him. "Because you missed me?"
He chuckled. "Yes, of course, there is that. And since we're on the subject, will you be returning to our story soon? I hear there are new readers eager to meet me."
"I hope that is always the case. I have plan to work on it this week, in fact."
"Good. I'll let you return to your movie then. Have a good night, Erin."
"You as well, Gabriel."

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed my little chat with Gabriel. :)
Happy Reading!

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