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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Writerly Wednesday

Hi, everyone! Welcome to another week of Writerly Wednesday, where I share something writerly with you. Today's blog post is just an update of all the things I've been doing in my writerly ways. :)

Since I am still waiting to hear from my publisher about edits (and anxious to get to the actual edits), I've been occupying my time with editing book 2 of the Spiral Defenders series. I've come to realize that since moving a major scene from that book into book 1 (Into the Spiral), I have a lot of rewriting to do. I also keep coming up with small things to change in Into the Spiral. I'm very excited to jump back into Ronnie and Gavin's world (which is a good thing since I still need to rewrite the prequel short story, a second short story later in the series and the last two books of the series). And I really can't wait to share this story with you!

(Yesterday's Tell Me Something Tuesday post talked about book boyfriends and I did include Gavin as one of my boyfriends. You can check it out for a tiny preview of what's to come.)

hand drawn by Amanda Pfender
In addition to editing, I've been coming up with various merchandise ideas. And I'm very excited to say I have an artist on board. Her name is Amanda Pfender and she is a good family friend who also happens to be a phenomenal artist. She has been working on a cover for Into the Spiral since before it got picked up by Otherworld Publications and now she is helping me with merchandising ideas. I know this may seem a bit premature since I still have a little more than EIGHT MONTHS until my book is released, but I figure I might as well plan these things when I think of them. :) Amanda and I are already coming up with several "one of a kind" prize ideas. ;) Check out Gavin from her cover of Into the Spiral to the left.

And that's what's going on in my writing life lately. :) It's been an exciting week so far and I hope it keeps coming.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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