"I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die." ~ Isaac Asimov

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Writerly Wednesday

Hello all! Welcome to another week of Writerly Wednesday. :) I do want to apologize for my lack of ambition on my blog lately.  Today's meme is all about writing, whether I'm telling you some exciting news about my road to publishing my debut novel, Into the Spiral, or I'm sharing sites and articles I've found interesting or useful or I'm introducing you to someone/something new. Today, I'd like to introduce you to my writing twin, Beth Ann Masarik.

Beth doesn't know that I'm doing this. :) We met almost a year and a half ago through Richelle Mead (as we like to tell the story). We'd both answered a post of hers on Facebook, started messaging and the rest they say is history. We now talk constantly, including text messages (which drive my hubby crazy because he thinks my phone says "why am I on a diet" every time she texts LOL). We have so many things in common and think alike so much that we've dubbed each other our "twin".

I met Beth shortly after she signed with Otherworld Publications so through her, I got to see what publishing with them was like. I was so impressed (and am still so impressed) that when I queried my own book, I went to them. :) Beth now has 2 short stories and one full-length novel out: Murderous Regrets (short), Moon Spirit (short) and The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness (novel).

Beth also created and runs Literary Lunes Magazine, a now bi-monthly online publication that she edits and formats herself (as well as writing articles for). She also is currently working on book 2 of the TWAU trilogy, Daughter of Light, as well as putting together an anthology of TWAU short stories and very tentatively starting up her own publishing company, currently named Literary Lunes Publications. She is also just finishing edits and polishing up an anthology, Writings From the Heart, which all proceeds will go to the pediatric cardiology department at the Stephen and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York. The anthology is set to release June 6!

On top of everything else Beth has going on, she's also getting married on October 14

Beth has always inspired me with her many projects, getting herself out there into the writing community and meeting people. She recently even interviewed Kristin Cast (half of the amazing duo that brought us the House of Night series) for Literary Lunes magazine. She works hard and has become an amazing friend in the short time I've known her. So I just wanted to take a few minutes today to say THANK YOU to Beth for becoming my friend.

You can find Beth everywhere on the web:
Her website
Literary Lunes magazine
TWAU on Facebook

Buy Beth's books!
Murderous Regrets:  Amazon  Smashwords
Moon Spirit:  Amazon
TWAU: Prince of Darkness:  Amazon  B&N  Smashwords  Otherworld

That's all for today, folks! I hope you've enjoyed meeting Beth as much as I have! :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Awe! You are so sweet Erin! Thank you for featuring me in this week's Writerly Wednesday :)

  2. You're welcome, Beth! You deserved to be recognized for everything you do! :)