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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another week of Tell Me Something Tuesday, a fun weekly meme where Cambria Hebert asks a question and we answer. This week's question is:

Where would you go on your dream vacation and what would you do?

I feel like I have a bit of an unfair advantage on this question... I've already been on my dream vacation. In August of 2004, my husband and I went with my dad, aunt and cousin to Ireland for a week. We had a family reunion over there and stayed a few extra days. Lee and I could only afford to stay a week but my dad and aunt stayed another week after we left. So I thought I would share a few pictures of the places we went and things we did. My dream is to go back there to stay for at least 2 weeks (a month would be ideal) or even buy a vacation home there to escape to (this of course would happen after I make millions being an author). ;-)

One of my favorite places to go on our trip was to Killarney. Yes, we went pub crawling there (an experience I would love to do again!), but also... Killarney was where I felt most at home while we were there. I felt like I belonged there. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of my pics from when we stopped, so I have to borrow a couple from the internet.
The streets of Killarney, Ireland
Killarney Castle
I also made a slideshow of some of the pictures I do have, mostly of our time in Dungarvan (where my family is from) and the Ring of Kerry bus tour we took. You even get to see a couple pics of me and Lee. :)

When I go back to Ireland, not only do I want to revisit the old family homestead and return to Killarney, I want to see the Cliffs of Mohar and stand at Tara (where the High Kings used to be selected). I want to go into northern Ireland and return to the Waterford Crystal factory. And of course, I can't go without seeing a hurling match. (This is all why I will need at least 2-4 weeks on my next dream vacation!)

I hope you all have enjoyed going on my dream vacation with me!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Ireland! Gah, that is so awesome and I am completely jealous and happy for you that you already got to go on your dream vacation. That is just awesome and it looks like it was just gorgeous there!
    Congrats on getting to go!!

    1. Words still cannot describe how I felt when I was over there. Well, they can... I felt like I was home. It was amazing! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ireland! That is my second pick. somewhere I have always wanted to go and I can't even tell you why, it just speaks to me.
    sounds like it would be fantastic!

    1. It is fantastic! I had such a wonderful time and cannot wait to go again! (and again and again!) LOL

  3. My ancestors hail from Ireland and Scotland so I'd definitely love to go there!
    You lucky dog!

    1. Hi Jenn! I am lucky; can't deny it. My ancestors are from Ireland, too. I would love to see Scotland! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wow, what gorgeous pictures. There is something so majestic and beautiful about a castle. I love it. Maybe after you make millions as an author you can just buy a castle and live there! LOL!!

    What a wonderful vacation you must have had, I really hope to see more of the world some day.
    Thanks so much for sharing a piece of your trip with us, its amazing!

    1. Hmm... buy a castle... sounds like a plan! I can be the next JK Rowling for real! (oh wait, I think she just wrote in a castle?) LOL Thanks, Cambria!