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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Writerly Wednesday - Cover and Trailer Reveal!

Welcome back to another week of Writerly Wednesday, a weekly meme I created to share writerly things with all of you, whether it's to talk about my own writing/publishing adventure, to share something fun or interesting I stumbled upon, or to introduce you to new and amazing authors and books. Today I'm showcasing the charity anthology Writings from the Heart: Stories and Poetry from Around the World. Here's the AMAZING cover:

Isn't it gorgeous? I absolutely love this cover! This cover was created by the editor of the anthology, Beth Ann Masarik. Beth decided to put together this anthology to help the Cohen Children's Medical Center of NY's Pediatric Cardiology Department. Why? Because 28 years ago, Beth was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fellot. This is her way of giving back to a hospital that's helped her all of these years. And who doesn't like to help kids in need? The anthology features 30 authors from around the world who have written either short stories or poems all based around the idea of hope. I've read quite a few of both already and will say it's a great anthology!

The anthology will be released June 6, 2012. Beth chose this date to honor a friend who died of congenital heart disease on that day several years ago. Then, from June 13 to July 4, Beth is putting together a blog tour the anthology. Dates are still available! If you would like to be a part of it, leave a comment with your email address below or email Beth at bethannmasarik@gmail.com for more information and to tell her you want in!

Still not convinced this is a good cause? Check out the trailer Beth made for the anthology!

I hope you will purchase this anthology when it is released. I am one of the contributors and I know I will be purchasing a copy to help this great cause!

Happy Wednesday!